Thursday, December 9, 2010


So it's been a very long time since I updated the blog. So this will be an update on all of our happenings (:
Mat is now officially and airline pilot! He is a first officer for Atlantic Southeast Airlines. (They are owned by delta.) It has been a rough couple months, because he has been in Atlanta training, but it's definitely paid off. It was a long, stressful experience for all of us. We saw Mat four times in the last 9 weeks, and never longer than a 24 hr period. We are hoping that now things will be better. He finished IOE today and will be on Reserve for the next little while. He will still be gone a lot, as he is based in Atlanta Georgia, but at least we will be able to see him every week.
While Mat has been gone, Luke and I have tried to keep ourselves occupied. Luke gets bored of me and is not happy when its cold and we can't play outside. He loves it when Mat is home.
We put up the Christmas tree and Luke has enjoyed taking off all the ornaments. I used to put them back on but I was putting them on all the time, so I gave up. We now have a half decorated tree.

Here are a couple pictures from the last couple months...

We are excited for Christmas, although I'm pretty sure Mat will be in Atlanta flying. I can't wait to see Luke open all of his presents. Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Luke loves to stand by himself! He can stand for about 30 seconds before he sits or falls down. He practices all day long, even when he's supposed to be having a nap(: He hasn't taken any steps on his own yet but I think that will happen pretty soon!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Island Park

Last weekend we drove up to Idaho to spend some time at the cabin in Island Park. It's been about 3 yrs since we've been to the cabin, so we were really excited to be there. Our friends Rich and Kindra and their little boy Andrew met us up there. We had so much fun!

Luke in his new camping chair eating jerky. It was his first time ever trying it and he loved it!

Brenyn and her cousin Jayden

Brenyn and Luke

Hiking along the river

The whole crew

Luke loved this 4-wheeler thing. It was Andrew's but Luke wanted to ride it or play with it every time he saw it. Luckily Andrew was willing to share.

Beesley Family

Rich, Kindra, and Andrew

Luke playing with another one of Andrew's toys. He had so much fun!

Thanksgiving point

We've been taking advantage of Two Buck Tuesdays at Thanksgiving point this month.
First we went to see the Barnyard Animals. Luke loved seeing sheep, goats, chickens, peacocks, horses, cows and pigs. One of the goats kept licking his feet and he thought it was pretty funny. He kept sticking his toes out so it would lick them again.
Luke got to have his first pony ride. I thought he would be a little apprehensive, but he acted like he had been on a horse a million times. He just sat in the saddle all comfortable, and didn't want to get off when the ride was over.

The next Tuesday we went to the Gardens. They were really pretty, and it was such a beautiful night. This was my second time seeing the gardens. Last year Luke and I went with my mom and aunt when he was only a couple months old. I think Luke enjoyed it more this time(:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Luke update....13 months

Luke is 13 months old today. Time is flying by! I thought I'd post some updates on Luke before he gets any older(:
Luke is still such a happy little boy. He enjoys many things, some of his favorite things are....
swimming, we swim about every day
unrolling the toilet paper and tearing it appear (this also happens about every day)
pulling himself up to everything and walking around the furniture
climbing the stairs
getting into every cupboard and spreading the contents on the kitchen floor
bobbing his head to every music he hears
putting lids on and off of things
drinking from straws and water bottles (they are more fun then sippy cups)
trying to put shoes on his feet (my shoes, Mat's shoes and his shoes)

Luke is so much fun and we are constantly entertained by him. He loves to yell and laugh at people we pass in the store. We can't help but laugh along with him.
His favorite things to eat are bannanas, turkey, cheese, potatoes and bread.
Everything is an adventure to him, and he is content as long as we stay busy.
He brings so much joy and happiness to our lives. We love you Luke!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Me, my mom and Luke went to California to see my sister and help her move. Luke and I weren't much help, but Luke provided the entertainment. Anna and Sean loved seeing him, and Luke was so easy to travel with! We couldn't believe how happy and content he was. He did really well on the plane ride. His favorite things to do during the flight were to open and shut the window, and play with the food tray.
It wasn't very warm and we weren't able to spend a lot of time at the beach, but we did go to the beach in Costa Mesa and also the beach in San Clemente.

Luke didn't exactly love being in the water, but he loved crawling around in the sand and eating sand and rocks.

It was a quick trip, but it was great to see my sister and to see the ocean again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


July is a very busy month for us. Moving, Luke's birthday, my birthday, Mat's birthday and two holidays makes for a crazy month! It was a fun month but we are kind of glad it's over (:

For my birthday we went to the Gateway and ate at Z-tejas and did a little shopping. It was a fun relaxing evening.

The next day Mat took me Horseback riding. He knew that I really wanted to get back on a horse (it's been about 10 yrs) so he surprised me by taking me to Soldier Hollow to go riding. It was a great surprise, it was really pretty and it was so fun to be on a horse again.

For Mat's birthday my mom watched Luke while Mat and I went golfing. I planned a surprise party for Mat, but not as many people were able to come as we were hoping for. Mat was still surprised and had a great time seeing old friends.

To celebrate both of our birthdays we had a little get together with my family. Talk about a lot of candles!

For the 24th we went to the days of '47 parade. It was a lot of fun. Luke loved the floats and watching all the people.

So that was our busy crazy month. Now we will see what August brings!