Thursday, December 9, 2010


So it's been a very long time since I updated the blog. So this will be an update on all of our happenings (:
Mat is now officially and airline pilot! He is a first officer for Atlantic Southeast Airlines. (They are owned by delta.) It has been a rough couple months, because he has been in Atlanta training, but it's definitely paid off. It was a long, stressful experience for all of us. We saw Mat four times in the last 9 weeks, and never longer than a 24 hr period. We are hoping that now things will be better. He finished IOE today and will be on Reserve for the next little while. He will still be gone a lot, as he is based in Atlanta Georgia, but at least we will be able to see him every week.
While Mat has been gone, Luke and I have tried to keep ourselves occupied. Luke gets bored of me and is not happy when its cold and we can't play outside. He loves it when Mat is home.
We put up the Christmas tree and Luke has enjoyed taking off all the ornaments. I used to put them back on but I was putting them on all the time, so I gave up. We now have a half decorated tree.

Here are a couple pictures from the last couple months...

We are excited for Christmas, although I'm pretty sure Mat will be in Atlanta flying. I can't wait to see Luke open all of his presents. Happy Holidays everyone!


KaraCampbell said...

Awesome! We have a half decorated tree too! That is so amazing about Matt! But I bet it's been so hard! I'm glad you are getting to see more of each other.

Kadee, Dustan, and the Kids said...

Oh Ericka! Your boy is so cute! and so funny! My boy did that when he was that age. I gave up too. So where are you at now? Andd how long will your hubby be stationed elsewhere? Thats exciting about him and sad for you! Talk to you soon!